The Art Gallery of Ontario housed the GUILLERMO DEL TORO: AT HOME WITH MONSTERS exhibit. I had the pleasure of visiting the exhibit. See pictures I took below.

The only work of del Toro’s that I’ve seen is The Book of Life, which is a gorgeously animated film.



The Field Museum

Had the pleasure of visiting the Field Museum in Chicago. I especially liked the dinosaurs on display. I was also quite shaken to learn that giant land sloths used to exist.

Below are photos that I took of various exhibits.

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5 Common Writing Mistakes – Farzana Doctor

5 Common Writing Mistakes was a workshop hosted by Farzana Doctor. This workshop was free and you could attend wither in-person or online.

The FOLD Festival get credit for organizing this series of workshops. They intend on hosting other writing workshops. Follow the FOLD Facebook page for news.