Learn Online with Lynda.com – Now Free for TPL Cardholders

I’m extremely excited to learn that patrons of the Toronto Public Library (TPL) can now access Lynda.com courses for free! I personally plan on taking advantage of some of the technical courses available, once I have more time. A colleague of mine is planning to register with the TPL just so she can access Lynda.com courses.

The TPL has made great strides in making information available and empowering their users to develop new skills. I am proud to be one of their patrons.

Click the link below to learn how to use your TPL account to access Lynda.com.

Learn Online with Lynda.com – Now Free for TPL Cardholders

harper government library closures

How many federal libraries have been closed since 2011? Cate Hana, an MLIS candidate at Western, created a table listing the libraries in her blog post. Of course, the closure of these libraries have had a profound impact for researchers, our culture and collective memory.

poor cate

For LIS9130 – Information Policy, I wrote my final paper on the closure of federal libraries since Harper gained a majority in 2011. Information about the closures is scattered and sometimes difficult to find, so as part of my research I compiled a table with dates, departments affected, and outcomes.

After reading a tweet about yet another library that has been “modernized” (i.e. dismantled, with many of its resources dumped), I thought I’d share the table here:

Date Department Outcomes
2012 National Capital Commission Library closed.
2012 Transport Canada Gatineau library closed. Seven positions lost.
May 2012 Public Works and Government Services Library closed.
Sep 2012 Citizenship and Immigration Library closed.
Jul 2012 Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities Ottawa library closed.
Apr 2012 Library and Archives Canada 215 positions cut, including 21 archivists and archival assistants, and 50% of circulation and digitization staff. Interlibrary loan unit closed. National Archival Development Program eliminated, resulting…

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Creating a Homepage for an Academic Library

I took Academic Libraries (LIS9630) this term and I wanted to share a project I completed with Victoria Wong. We created a homepage for a fictional academic library.

Since the beginning of term, the students in this class pretended to be librarians at a fictional institution (known by the acronym of FAIHR-L). For this project, we divided our classmates into three committees that addressed the needs of an academic library’s web presence. Each committee produced a report. Wong and I read them to assist us with deciding on what was to be added on the homepage and how things would be formatted. We also observed real academic library websites and applied usability best practices.

We limited our scope to only a homepage to make the project manageable, but we created a supplemental page.

Please see below to view the mockups. The mockups were created by Wong, in Balsamiq.

To read the rationale behind our decisions, click here.

Please note: We cited the reports our colleagues produced. For privacy reasons, their names were removed.

New Acquisitions for Weldon Library’s Yoruba Collection

I took Collection Management (LIS9315) this summer. One of our projects involved creating an online presentation about an aspect of collection management.

I discussed how and what I would add to Weldon Library‘s Yoruba collection. Please download this PowerPoint file to view my presentation.

Note: The audio was edited in Audacity.

Publication: What I Learned from ‘What I Wish I Knew Five Years Ago’

SLA Toronto‘s The Courier has just published a submission of mine.

Click here to read about my experience and what I learned at their ‘What I Wish I Knew Five Years Ago’ event.

I would like to thank the editors, Catherine MacGregor and Katie Thomas, for their assistance in editing the piece.