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Publication: The Inspector of Moons

My short story “The Inspector of Moons” (pg. 45) was published in Polar Borealis Magazine. They are an Aurora Award-winning semi-pro magazine that exclusively features Canadian authors.

“The Inspector of Moons” is a sequel to Earthgazing. It was influenced by:


Reblog: Japan National Diet Library Image Bank – 1900 artworks enter the public domain

Read the thread below for details. Check out the image bank.


Reblog: KBR to put thousands of books and historic documents online on Google Books

KBR, KU Leuven Libraries and Google signed agreements to share a large portion of important digitised documents reflecting the rich cultural and historical heritage of Belgium. Several thousand works, dating back to the 17th – 19th century, will be made freely accessible in the coming years via Google Books and KBR’s own library catalogue. The collaboration will start in the course of 2022.

From the article.

The Library at Night

The Library at Night by Robert Lepage is an immersive experience that involved using VR headsets to visit ancient, demolished, digital, fictional, and real libraries. Library enthusiasts will enjoy being transported to libraries all over the world while being seated in a dimly lit reading room.

Below are two pictures I took of the physical set.