Tokyo National Museum

I visited the Tokyo National Museum while I was in Japan.

Here’s a gallery of the pictures I took at the museum:

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Here are additional pictures that I took while in Japan:



The Art Gallery of Ontario housed the GUILLERMO DEL TORO: AT HOME WITH MONSTERS exhibit. I had the pleasure of visiting the exhibit. See pictures I took below.

The only work of del Toro’s that I’ve seen is The Book of Life, which is a gorgeously animated film.


The Art of Cartography

I went to the Art of Cartography exhibit hosted at the Toronto Reference Library. It was fascinating to see how cartography and its practices have changed throughout the ages.

Highlights included:

Frislanda, a fictional island that had been included in maps for over a century
-The politically charged ‘beaver maps’

Below are the images I took.

TIFF Film Reference Library Tour

I had attended a tour of TIFF’s Film Reference Library (FRL), arranged by the OLA last week.

We were shown where their onsite collection was housed. The collection contained images, films, books, scripts, soundtracks, etc.The FRL has one of the largest English Canadian film collections in the world. Their collection includes the archives of various figures and groups from Canadian film.

They also have exhibits on display.

In their reading room for patrons, they presented a display of their materials to us. Below* is a sample of what they showed us. The highlight for me was discovering a cookbook inspired by Gone with the Wind.

*These pictures were taken and posted with permission.